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How to Stay Awake on Long Trips Behind the Wheel

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There’s nothing quite like driving for long distances on open roads. Although you’re on the move, it can sometime feel like a moment suspended in time; destinations can seem closer when having fun on family vacations, road trips with friends create special memories of their own, and even driving solo has healing properties of its own.

Everyone enjoys a long drive every once in a while, but getting drowsy on the road is all too common and staying awake can sometimes be struggle when driving. Exhaustion shouldn’t be underestimated, as it can easily lead to the driver losing control of the car and endangering the lives of its passengers.

So what can you do to stay awake when passengers are asleep and tiredness sets in behind the wheel?

First things first; realize that you’re feeling tired by reading the signs. Heavy eyelids, repeated yawning, blinking or dry eyes all indicate that your body is entering nap mode, and drivers should be vigilant to do something about it.

There are also some instant fixes that can give you that last push you need to reach your destination.

Your Car is the Ultimate Passenger.
Advancements in driver assistance technologies and digital services are empowering drivers more and more with smart tools that provide a multitude of features, and some of these features are focused on assisting drivers to specifically fight drowsiness and sleep deprivation.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is always riding shotgun and ready to help. Drivers who feel drowsiness coming can say “Hey BMW, I’m tired!” and watch the reinvigoration program take over, designed to fight fatigue and sets the mood through adjusting the car’s temperature, lighting effects and music for keeping your eyes on the road.

Regardless of the destination’s purpose, the goal is to get there safe and sound, so no risks should be taken on account of your safety as a driver on a long trip. Symptoms of tiredness and incoming sleep should be considered and dealt with as soon as possible. A well-hydrated and well-fed body greatly helps with keeping up with the road, entertainment is key and power naps are rightfully named, and at the end of the road, taking the necessary rest before a trip will always be the best way to prevent it in the first place.