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BMW Concept 4 with iconic vertical grille debuts at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

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Unveiled at the 68th IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt, the BMW Concept 4 hovered in the minds of attendees with its embodiment of a future-focused BMW Group that keeps on innovating and delighting car lovers across the world.

Adorned with the iconic kidney grille that seems to have taken a revolutionary turn, this exciting precursor to the upcoming and highly anticipated new 4 Series was nothing short of breathtaking. Its front end features outstanding air intakes and a meticulously sculpted surface that immediately communicates performance, strength and a unique allure that represents the magic of coupe driving at its most thrilling.

At the heart of its forefront is the unmistakable signature kidney grille, whose vertical orientation fits seamlessly with both the BMW Concept 4’s proportions and BMW’s distinguished classic coupe models such as the BMW 328 or the BMW 3.0 CSi, shining the spotlight on an automotive legacy defined by its nostalgic history and continuous innovation into the future.

“The kidney grille has always been a signature feature of BMW cars. The BMW Concept 4 presents a confident and classy take on this iconic feature. At the same time, the BMW Concept 4 offers a look ahead to the expressive face of the 4 Series range.” said Domagoj Dukec, Head of BMW Design.

The captivating grille also features some intricate details that are not to be taken lightly. Creating a clear contrast against the sporty design of the front end of the BMW Concept 4 are the horizontal trim elements that are found in the grating itself, which offer exclusivity and depth to the unique feature. A closer look at the grating within the kidney-shaped grille reveals a wonderful ode to detail, where it is made up of an array of small “4s” joined together.

The Concept 4’s twin headlights might stand out more than usual at first glance, and that’s because they are, in fact, very different from any other recognizable BMW headlights. In addition to complementing the strong front identity with their slight angle, they actually have no glass cover; they are worked into the body in a 3D-like sculptured approach. This unreal aspect delivers a feeling of even further technical sophistication and modernism to the futuristic vehicle’s front end.

The side view of the new Concept 4 gives its audience an instant feeling of energy flowing through its athletic dynamic, even as it’s standing still. With a long wheelbase and flowing roofline, its silhouette speaks of pure and elegant surfaces chiseled to perfection while retaining its grip on power and performance on the road. The fiery exterior paint tone called Forbidden Red almost brings the vehicle to life, and a remarkable aspect of this vivid color is that, when exposed to the light, it projects a rich, glossy red to grab any passerby’s attention but then in the shade, it sends vibes of a heavy black color. This masterful contrast delivers a new dimension of depth to the car, with a slight touch of dramatic radiance. The sweeping roofline extends smoothly into the boot lid, connecting the sporty side with the powerful rear end to deliver a compelling aesthetic like no other coupe in the market.

Along the same lines as the grille grating containing two “4s”, there are a lot more details to discover in the BMW Concept 4. A closer inspection of the inside of the minimalist, two-section exterior mirrors reveals a floating BMW logo, only obvious to a detailed inspection. The mirrors themselves are outstanding, with a lower section made of polished aluminum that extends the weather strip and a rear section that takes the body color and aerodynamically accentuates it to round off a unique look & feel.

Moving to the lower part, we find light-alloy wheels that showcase an interesting take on the sporty five-spoke design. At 21 inches a piece, the front of the meticulous spokes are highly polished while the set-back surfaces are finely ground, creating a sophisticated contrast through a barely darker effect for the rim design.

A trademark feature of sporty coupe cars, the rear end of the Concept 4 hangs low on the road. The silky smooth character line from the side of the car evolves into a broader, more robust look when it reaches the rear, giving the impression that the model is much lower than it actually is.

Truism defines the prominent tail, where it delivers the promise of power that car enthusiasts and thrill seekers look for. The muscular design is brought forward even further with its generously sized and clear surfaces that include only a small number of lines, allowing the car’s powerful body to show off its athletic shoulders. Vertical air outlets create the frame’s core, while LED rear lights consisting of a single fibre-optic element underscore the horizontal focus of the rear end to make look even bulkier on the move. The conspicuous diffuser combined with the vertical fins at the bottom and the roaring pair of exhaust tailpipes highlight a crisp and dynamic free-form that fans can only imagine how it would sound like.

All in all, the BMW Concept 4 comes as a fresh but bold statement with its unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and bold is usually good when you have years of legendary vehicles that made and keep on making history by your side. Fans now know that they can expect a cutting-edge overhaul to BMW’s designs for years to come, in high anticipation of the commercial release of similar, futuristic-looking models as the BMW Concept 4.