Bavarian Auto Group officially unveils the all-new BMW X5 in Egypt

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The fourth generation of BMW X5 continues 20 years of success through new design that combines elegance and power
Bavarian Auto Group, the sole BMW Assembler & Importer in Egypt has recently announced the launch of the all-new BMW X5, which features the latest BMW technologies in the X-Series models, these series are known as the Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV).

The launch of the car comes within the framework of the Group's expansion plan within the Egyptian automotive market that aims to provide various BMW models in Egypt.

The power of more
The BMW X5 delivers simple changes. The car has a new front end supported with a grille that keep the identity of the German brand , in addition to a new front shield designed to combine the elegance of the car and its powerful body that inspires confidence through meticulous attention to detail in the exterior design.

The fourth generation of BMWX5 has been officially debuted in June 2018. Like other previous generations, the new X5 models are being produced at the BMW Group based plants in the US state of California.

BMW X5 … Connecting your worlds
Since the advent of the first generation of the BMW X5 in the late 1990s to the present day, more than 2.2 million editions have been sold in just three generations, the BMW X5 is one of the most prominent luxury SAV models with five-doors and one of the BMW X Series models that are being marketed as separate edition under the title of SAV.

The car is available with xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system; it also provides the manual and the automatic driving modes, in addition to the ultimate sports version M Performance.

The official debut of the first generation began in 1999 and opens a whole new chapter in Bavarian history, which had never witnessed cars categories other than the Coupé and Sedan.

Unleash wilder adventures
The BMW Group chose the term of Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) or the Multi Sports Activity category to identify BMW X5 instead of the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), the aim was to reflect the vehicle's capabilities on the road, not just off-road.

The X5 was the first launch BMW AG in the versatile models category to be joined by other models such as X3 in 2003, X6 in 2008, X1 in 2009, X4 in 2014, X2 in 2017 and finally X7 in 2018.

Both the first and second generations of BMW X5 outperformed, while the third generation, born in 2013, continued for five years despite being the best-selling ever with 760,000 sold copies.

A new breed of grandeur
With a new design that reflects dominance and power, the fourth generation of the BMW X5 has emerged. The car’s wheelbase is 42mm longer than the previous model, to be 2,975 mm, the length of the car has increased by 36 mm to be 4,922 mm and the width increased by 66 mm to be 2,004 mm, while the car’s height also increased to an estimated 19 mm to be 1,745 mm.

These changes gave the car a confident presence with an increase in the size of the passenger cabin thanks to the increase of external dimensions, the new design is characterized by clear and precise lines that confirm the strong and distinctive character of the new X5, although it retains the same basic characteristics as the SAV in general.

One of the most striking features of BMW X5 exterior is the larger BMW front end, known as the (Active Air Stream Kidney Grille) which acts as an automatic cooling to the engine , it allows air to cool the engine only when needed to provide better fuel consumption. The car is also fitted with (Adaptive LED Headlights) with corner illumination for better visibility.

The new generation of the X5 features higher side lines that rise smoothly towards the rear of the car to demonstrate the modern character and strong appearance , these lines integrate with LED backlights, which in turn reflect a carefully sculpted three-dimensional design to give the car a more modern and sophisticated look.

More muscle
The new BMW X5 is available in the local market with a six cylinder in-line engine that combines the Steptronic 8-speed transmission, both work to achieve fuel efficiency and flexibility in transmission, as well as reducing environmentally harmful exhaust emissions by meeting the strict (EU6-TEMP) standard.

It comes with a 3.0-liter engine that generates 340 horsepower with a maximum torque of 450 Nm and an average fuel consumption of 8.5 l / 100 km, the car accelerates from 0-100 km / h in just 5.5 seconds.

Convenient to you … For your comfort.
The interior of the all-new BMW X5 is characterized by a design that combines between simplicity in lines and technical development at equipment level, which is evident in the new console with a new design supported by BMW Live Cockpit Professional.

The car also features a relatively high seating position that provides a clear view of the road and give the driver the feeling of more control with full level of comfort to all passengers, for more luxury, the cabin boasts more advanced technical equipment, including the Comfort Seats, cup holders supported by cooling / heating features, the Panorama glass roof, ambient light, and the Harman Kardon surround sound system with 464 watts and 16 ultra-pure audio speakers, as well as dedicated applications to control some of the car's functions.

The cabin offers high sound insulation that provides passengers with greater calm and privacy especially during relatively long journeys, the car comes with a 40.20:40 rear seat folding feature to increase storage space and luggage in the rear box from 650 liters to 1860 liters.

The new X5 features a trunk that has two sections to facilitate loading. This trunk is enjoying the optional Comfort Access feature that lets you automatically open and close the two parts without any manual intervention.

A completely new chassis with technical boom to xDrive system
The car is characterized by a perfect weight distribution thanks to its intelligent all wheel drive xDrive system and the Electronically Controlled Differential Lock system that helps in improving cohesion, maneuverability and stability in steering. The latest generation of xDrive system delivers torque distribution between the front and rear wheels with extreme efficiency as required by the various situations that the car is witnessing.

The new system also provides a driving mode that adds more torque to the rear wheels for positions where the driver needs a dynamic control style behind the wheel.

The fourth generation of the X5 was built on Cluster Architecture (CLAR) shared with a number of other BMW models, the new X5 chassis features a range of cutting-edge technology to improve off-road performance while providing more sport and comfort. The car comes with a standard Two-Axle Air Suspension with manual or automatic control at speeds up to 120 km / h.

The front and rear axle air suspension system is designed to deliver greater driving comfort, it allows you to adjust the height of the car with the push of a button or with the BMW Display Key, which also displays information about the car's status through a touch screen.

Sophisticated innovations towards achieving autonomous driving
There is also a (Reverse Assistant) feature that reviews the steps the BMW Group has taken towards self-driving, this feature control the steering wheel to maneuver the car through a predetermined path of no more than 50 meters.

First Class Seating
The X5 also offers a whole new range of features, including the iDrive7's seventh-generation display and control system, with its debut is in the latest generation of BMW X5, it focuses on improving the driver's attention on the road. This is achieved through a clear and carefully arranged display, as well as providing adjustable display characteristics tailored to the personal needs of the driver to ensure that the driver is properly informed in a timely manner without being distracted while driving.

The new BMW X5 Live Cockpit Professional System features a 12.3-inch display panel and monitor with a variety of control modes that allow the driver to operate functions interchangeably through steering wheel buttons, beside the feature of the iDrive control, Touch screen, and Gesture Control.

The head-up display features a larger viewing area (7x3.5 inches) with new content display and a noticeable improvement in display quality.

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