11 Tips for Successful BMW Driving in Winter

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Winter is not all about bad weather. Winter can sometimes hold those beautiful, sunny days, which often provide the opportunity for some truly memorable driving. With careful preparations, you can drive your BMW without any hesitation during the whole season and any time of the year. Just follow these following tips as mentioned in BMW Car Club:

1. Make sure that the boot contains the winter safety essentials which includes: an ice scraper, a first-aid kit, and the usual blanket/hat/gloves/torch/emergency food pack.

2. Have the battery tested and replace it if there is even a hint of doubt as to its condition.The finale of the show.

3. Carry a set of jumper cables, just in case.

4. Winter tyres will make a considerable difference to traction and grip when the temperature drops. Many summer tyres, particularly high-performance tyres, are simply not designed to operate at low temperatures, so consider buying a second set of wheels and fitting them with winter tyres.

5. Regularly check all tire pressures, and get a full wheel alignment.

6. Wash and clean your BMW before you drive on gritted roads, and carefully apply a layer of good quality wax to the paintwork to help protect it.

7. Don’t increase the speed of the car, allow plenty of time to reach your destination. If you drive, do not become rushed or pressured under any circumstance.

8. Give your BMW plenty of time to warm up before you drive. Oils don’t properly protect until they reach their optimum temperature.

9. Keep the fuel tank full – this will put more weight over the rear wheels which will help with traction, and it will avoid condensation building up overnight and freezing over the fuel pickups.

10. When driving on slippery surfaces, drive as if there is a glass of water perched in between your legs, and you wish to avoid spilling it.

11. During winter, regularly wash your BMW, including the underside to remove any built-up grit.