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The Bavarian Auto Group celebrates its 15th anniversary with a live performance by Amr Diab

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The sole distributor & importer of BMW in Egypt recently held a huge ceremony at the Nile Ritz -Carlton Hotel, marking the 15th anniversary of its presence in the Egyptian automotive market and expressing gratitude to its valuable customers and success partners

The ‘Thank You Dear Valuable Customer ‘ceremony witnessed the presence of a large number of BMW satisfied customers, who enjoyed a truly remarkable celebration and an unforgettable night attended by the crème de la crème of the community.

The ceremony’s big surprise was the live performance of superstar Amr Diab, who revived the celebration by singing a variety of his popular songs, as the crowd cheered around him with uncontained excitement. Moreover, Amr Diab once again managed to excite the audience by asking them to sing along with his ever-popular lyrics, alluring delighted fans to engage and unleash their inner artist. The ceremony was also complemented by the live act of an international drumming band.

Attendees of the ‘Thank You Dear Valuable Customer’s ceremony enjoyed an exclusive exhibition of the latest BMW models as they entered the hotel’s reception, where fans were greeted with a jaw-dropping selection of the all-new BMW 7 & 5 Series. The most inspiring model of all was the electrifying BMW i3; a compact, fully-electric vehicle built to deliver new aspects of sustainability, stemming from its carbon-neutral factory construction, without compromising on reliability, performance and fun. The venue also included the alluring, sporty BMW 2 Series and the all new BMW X2, The SUV inspired by the sportiness of classic coupe design, gleaming brightly at the very end of the hall.

The Bavarian Auto Group expressed its gratitude to all their patrons and partners, attributing its success to the exceptional staff and management who continue to excel at their duties, fueled by their love of and commitment to the brand.

As an established market leader, the Bavarian Auto Group boasted the world’s highest share of luxury car sales through the German BMW brand in 2017. As a leader in the local automotive market, BMW has been selected as a frontrunner in this sector for the last seven consecutive years.

This year has witnessed the announcement of the inclusion of new models within the local assembly line. At the forefront of these models comes the all-new BMW 7 series, whose local assembly decision reflects the Bavarian Auto Group’s confidence in strengthening the Egyptian economy.

The Bavarian Auto Group has been working tirelessly over the past years to attract investments, while drawing upon a myriad of expansion opportunities for the sake of improving the production process. Moreover, the plant’s production lines, which recently expanded to two lines, promise the production of several models such as the all-new BMW 5 and 3 series, in addition to the X series.

More than 400 staff members are now employed at the Bavarian Auto Group’s plant, guaranteeing the quality and excellence of their prominent and established products.

The ongoing success journey achieved by the Bavarian Auto Group [BAG] has recently led international BMW customers to a satisfaction-oriented survey, where the results showed that it had maintained an exceptional track record of achievements and a continuous dedication to customer support across time.

Consequently, the Chairman of Bavarian Auto Group- Mr.Farid El Tobgui received BMW’s Customer Loyalty Award, as a sign of outstanding performance according to the highest standards of pre and post-sales service in Egypt.