BMW the First to Introduce Wireless Car Charging Technology: Just PARK & CHARGE!

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In a world where everything around is being charged and heading towards the horizon of being “WIRELESSLY CHARGED”, BMW prepares to implement that very concept on its vehicles soon.

But first before we get deeper, you have to know what Wireless Car Charging really means and how it works.

In Europe -and soon in Egypt-, electric cars will be seen are charging on the pavements of major towns and cities. Not all of us are used to the idea of cables being lifted out from cars’, yet it’ll be easy for you to basically boot a plug to charge your car; hence “Wireless Vehicle Charging”.

It’s like placing your smartphone on a charging pad every night, and instead of plugging it in, wireless car charging will fill your vehicle’s battery when you park over a charger on the ground beneath it, and that’s what we definitely call convenient.

There would be no need to the headache of lifting bulky cables out of the car’s boot, and no need to actually have those cables with you in the first place; it’s all as simple as: park and charge!

The wireless Car Charging concept is set to enter the consumer market officially this year after BMW confirmed in September 2017. Production of an inductive charging pad is underway and is set to be in the market by July. There are also a few insider rumors that and the wireless charging pad will be introduced "before the end of 2018’s summer", which means we're probably gassing up our cars in the heat before BMW releases the technological “Wow” that’s meant to come out in the coming August or September, according to Techradar’s website.

The technology will only first be available for the BMW 530e iPerformance plug-in hybrid, which means that it won’t be ready for the BMW i8 hybrid, fully electric BMW i3 and BMW’s other hybrids; yet we’re still hopeful that later editions of the technology will be a little more edition friendly.