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The 7th Generation of BMW 5 Series is launched in Egypt with Iconic Celebration!

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In a glamorous celebration, the Bavarian Auto Group announced the launch of the all new BMW 5 Series in the Egyptian market only a few months after the launching of their 7th generation –and one and only- BMW 5 Series worldwide!

BMW’s celebration took place in The JW Marriott Hotel in Cairo on Monday, April 29th, and was attended by several public figures, select invitees and journalists from the Egyptian press to cover that unforgettable night.

BMW Egypt’s big event begun with classical soft music played by a musical band, who first played for the iconic singer Fayrouz; as guests were indulged in getting to know more about the All New BMW 5 series and it’s major two categories, all in the same hall.

Following a dashing musical performance, Mr Farid El-Tobgui the CEO of the Bavarian Auto Group made his speech, stating “I’m so proud to announce the launch of the 7th generation of BMW 5 Series in Egypt, which is being produced from our local factories in the city of 6th of October; this alone is something that proves the efficiency and experience of the engineers working in the Bavarian Auto Group”.

He added “we proudly invested about 25 million LE as labor increased by 10% to collect the new BMW 5 Series locally. We also promise our current customers with big surprises and new celebrations along the year”.

Mr. Yahia Abd El-Kodouss, the General Manager of Marketing at the Bavarian Auto Group followed with a well-articulated statement, saying “This is a huge event we are celebrating today; as we present one of the most iconic series of the whole 7 generations of the BMW 5 Series”.

Mr. Yahia punctually emphasized on the new additions and dynamics of the new BMW 5 Series that can never go unnoticed in both its categories: BMW 530i & BMW 520i concerning technology features, safety factors, internal and external designs and the Business Athlete concept that is applicable when driving the all new BMW 5 Series.

He also added “A month ago we started collecting the new generation of BMW 5 Series from our factories in the 6th of October city, and soon enough you will find lots of them running on the streets of Egypt”. He also said that the prices of the 2 categories of BMW 5 Series in Egypt will cross 1 million and 600,000 LE. A mesmerizing performance entailed Mr. Abd El-Kodouss’s speech, as Herr Benedict both performed and presented a show that was simply astonishing to say the least –and probably the best introduction we’ll get to the wonderful 5 series too-.

And what better way is there to end a night than getting a sensational performance of the “Fabrica” band, as they helped sway us all throughout the evening, exceptionally working along the ambience of the night.

Of course, BMW Egypt wouldn’t end its event without a big surprise for the attendance, especially when it has to do with the TAMBOLA results! During the beginning of the event, each attendant was asked to grab a number while registering his/her name for a chance to be of two lucky winners who were set to win a BMW Bike and an Omega Watch! The winners were announced by the end of the evening, leaving us all overjoyed in anticipation of the upcoming renowned BMW 5 series.