Know more about the experience of Heba Ali the Egyptian Golfer who participated in BMW Golf Cup International 2018

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BMW Golf Cup International 2018 celebrates the passion for golf by allowing over 100,000 amateurs to compete on 2 breathtaking golf courses in South Africa and serves as the host country of the BMW Golf championship this year. After the arrival of our three Egyptian golfers who qualified to the final stage there, Heba Ali was one of the prominent interviews who graciously spoke her thoughts, experience and impression towards the championship to our very own BMW E-Magazine.

Tell us about the performance of the Egyptian golfers in the championship, Which three nationalities ranked up as winners of the BMW Golf Cup International 2018.

Over the past years and to this very day, Egyptian players haven’t scored flying results in this championship, since players from East Asia like Korea and China play very differently than we do. You will also find that assessing player proficiency vary from one country to another, so the ability to achieve a certain score with a certain playing technique in East Asia is exponentially higher than anywhere else, including Europe. The winners circle was quite surprising this year as Thailand ranked first, Malaysia came second, and China placed third in the championships.

What is your impression towards BMW’s contribution to the championship this year? And how did you spend your days on the field?

The organization was beyond amazing and surpassed my expectations; even though the journey itself was the real prize I’ve earned here! Moreover, there was another full program for competitors’ companions who came along to encourage their home players. The program included activities like a Safari in an animal enclosure during the day and parties at night, BMW presented us with a game changing experience for us as players alongside our companions; there was even a fleet of amazing BMW cars that were more than equipped and ready us anywhere and at any time.

Mrs. Heba, tell us more about your passion for golf as a sport.

I first started playing Golf when I turned 50 years old, and since I crossed the 60 mile mark, Golfing turned into an addiction for me; it’s an opportunity for you to develop yourself and to compete with yourself without a need for a partner.

Finally, can you mention a personal memorable moment after coming back from South Africa concerning the championship?

One thing that inspired me and remains memorable is when the organizers presented Gary Player, a golf icon and Grand Slam winner, who designed some of the most amazing golf courses around the world. His speech included a passionate discussion about his favorite sport, Golf. His love and dedication to the sport has been witnessed throughout the years, he still continues to play even though he is 82 years old now; but that’s the beauty of golf, no matter how old you are, you can still play and achieve magnificent results.