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As An Owner of the BMW 6 Or 7 Series; We Cordially Invite You to Join Our BMW Grand Class Service

For all of you BMW 6 and 7 series enthusiasts; BMW has offered a one of a kind largesse and we couldn’t be happier to get our hands on it.
Here’s the gist –so you’d get a feel of how over the top excited we are-. The BMW Grand Class –that’s very eloquently named- is a customized and specialized service that has been founded exclusively to cater to our finest clientele.

Yes, we stand for more than luxury, in fact we’ve integrated driving pleasure with various lifestyles to bring out sheer pleasure that speaks volumes about our vision. Hence, our BMW grand class indulges its patrons with a variety of amenities that will provide our exclusive 6 and 7 series owners with lifestyle events, invitations, gifts, limited vouchers and exclusive BMW news that are carefully tailored to meet their personal taste. We’ve also thrown in lavish loyalty cards that you can use in a variety of different venues.

There are many other benefits that we can list to help show you why this program has appealed to our better nature. We’re adamant that BMW will have a lot more to offer, but we’re just satisfied with our current perks for now.