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BMW Golf Cup International completes its 21st tournament in Egypt

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Aside from the common hustle and bustle of the city; “driving pleasure” fanatics who also share a knack for Golf have enjoyed participating in the Egyptian qualifying tournaments of the BMW International Golf Cup.

The event was held at the posh “Westin Soma Bay Golf Resort & Spa” in Hurghada; making for an enticing event in the last –surprisingly warm- days of October over a patch of sunny weather and blue sky.

The winners of the local –daresay spectacle- were Heba Ali, Shams Ismail and Galal El Ghor will travel on to represent Egypt in the international BMW golf Cup; scheduled to take place on March 2018 in George city, South Africa.

A one of a kind audience attended the event; as families and friends of the golfers cheered on as a wild fire of excitement captivated us all during the event. The audience also had the chance to participate in many of the activities held by quite a few memorable sponsors.

The winners have been awarded an array stunning prizes; through a fierce playoff that has definitely proved to be no low hanging fruit -the prizes were so enticing in fact, that we’re still figuring out our balance points on our golf shafts at the office-. FedEx, Crédit Agricole, Omega, Oackley, Nespresso, BOSS, St. Dupont and Sketchers have honored our finalists with an awe inspiring collection of goodies; that have left both the audience and our finalists –us included- in sheer awe. We were also given the unique chance to test drive “the” latest BMW models, termed as a “visitors test” –which definitely wasn’t the casual term you’d hear at a local DMV-.

Amidst the shebang of the event and a myriad of Oakley glasses and cabbie hats. BMW was able to –once again- win us over with its latest unveils at Soma Bay. The attendees were able to learn more about the features of the truly powerful X – Range sports vehicles, the MPV Active Tourer and the charming 418i that witnessed an audible yet expected gasp upon its reveal, and for obvious reasons too. The 418i comes with a sporty “coupe” design in a four-door car mold, with an interior that’s made us wish for a joyride, and that’s exactly what we got. BMW was so generous to give all of it’s tournament participants the exclusive chance to test drive their cars, while providing the highest degree of both hospitality and comfort any driver –or editor for that matter- would wish for.

The BMW World Golf Cup tournaments are held on an annual basis in a variety of different countries such as Portugal, Argentine, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and South Africa. We’ve been simply ecstatic to have our very own held right here, in the heart of Egypt. These qualities have made this German manufacturer stand out as one of the most influential sponsors in golfing history. BMW’s vision is already well underway; hosting some of the most prominent automotive and naval races there are to date. We’re adamant that BMW Egypt will definitely pleasantly surprise us in the years to come as we look forward to another great year of golfing success.