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BMW fascinates the visitors in AUTOMECH FORMULA 2017

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BMW participated in the 24th edition of the Cairo International Motor Show (AUTOMECH FORMULA 2017) the largest exhibition of cars and its accessories in Egypt and the Middle East. The auto show was held at the Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center from 20-23 September.

AUTOMECH FORMULA is considered the most important event in the automotive industry in Egypt as it represents the most important event on the agenda of the whole automotive sector throughout the whole year, and serves as a point of communication and interaction between the public and the new models, besides it’s the best way to measure their reactions and suggestions on these models directly.

With the absence of many car brands in Egypt, BMW insisted not only to participate in AUTOMECH FORMULA 2017, BMW insisted to impress!

BMW booth in AUTOMECH FORMULA 2017 included many of its available models in the Egyptian market, and there were those 3 specific models that can’t be forgotten easily: BMW X5, BMW ALL NEW 5 SERIES, and BMW i3.


BMW X5 is available in the local market with more than one category carrying the same engine and differ in luxuries.

The engine is V8 and is connected to a twin turbocharger with a capacity of 4400 cc and 450 hp and 650 Newton meters of torque. The engine is connected to 8-speed automatic transmission that transmits power to the four wheels of the car (xDrive).

With this engine, the car can move from stability to 100 km/h during 4.9 seconds, with a maximum speed of 250 km/h, while the fuel tank capacity is 85 liters.

The first category includes front LEDs, fog lights, adjustable interior lighting, iDrive 5, 10.25-inch screen and data display, 20GB hard disk storage and music, and a rear camera.

The highest category of the car is Pure Experience, which includes most of the previous equipment with some modifications in addition to other equipment including a fixed line of the Internet, a leather steering wheel covered with leather, Harman Kardon sound system, and two screens for the front seats of 10.2 inches to display movies, ABS brakes, front and side airbags for front seat passengers, and head restraint airbags for the front and rear seat passengers.


The ALL NEW BMW 5 Series was first introduced to the Egyptian market during the Automech Formula 2017. BMW's model of the show was the 520i, the top model among the 5 series models according to the features, BMW booth also included other models such as the 530i, 540i and 550i, as well as other versions of the previous model with the xDrive feature.

That model includes a 4-cylinder, 1600 cc, 170-hp and 250-nm torque engine with 8 speeds, and with it the car can move from stability to 100 km/h in 7.8 seconds at a maximum speed of 226 km/h. The average fuel consumption of the vehicle is 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers traveled by the car.

The new 5 Series has a strong suspension system that has been used more extensively in aluminum, improving the performance and efficiency of the vehicle, and giving passengers more comfort while sitting in the car. The suspension can be adjusted through 4 preset settings: the sports system, the possibility of operating the electric system to control the shock absorbers, there is also another version of this system which is available only in the higher categories of the 5 series which is an active suspension system that adapts automatically while driving.

BMW i3

From its booth at the Automech Formula 2017, BMW showed its advanced electric car BMW i3, which is a 100% pure electric car and does not produce any air-polluting exhaust due to its electric motor.

The car was introduced for the first time few years ago and has been in production since 2013 as a model for 2014. The car is part of the relatively new family of “BMWi” cars from the German Auto group, which currently includes this car and also the i8 hybrids.

BMW i3 carries an advanced 170 hp engine (168 hp), which draws energy from a powerful lithium-ion battery that can operate the engine for up to 130 kilometers on the normal driving system. This distance can be increased by operating the vehicle on an economic system that lifts the distance to almost 160 kilometers.