BMW team wins first place in the 2017 Polo Championship in El Gouna

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BMW Polo team managed recently to achieve remarkable record through occupying the first place in the 2017 Polo tournaments held for the first time in Egypt, the tournaments took place in Gouna resort in Red Sea governorate.

On the second place came 'Orange' team that received alongside BMW team souvenirs from the Red Sea's governor for the victory both teams achieved during the tournaments.

The 2017 Gouna Polo tournaments which took place for the first time in Egypt were active from 27th April till 30th April with the participation of six Polo teams.

A perfect harmony that combines between luxurious and tradition has been vivid during the tournaments in the presence of powerful performance players' horses and shining of perfectly made BMW vehicles that stood as guardians to tournaments' playgrounds.

Renowned of being the sport of empires, the Polo sport dates back to Persia where it was practiced in the training of soldiers and cavalry in the 6th century BC. Thanks to Britain, the sport is given its current form and popularity.

BMW Egypt participated in sponsoring the 2017 Polo tournaments through premium appearance to number of its vehicles such as the BMW 7 series that managed through its luxurious and dynamic design in attracting attention of all attendees.

Moreover, the tournaments witnessed the showcase of BMW X1 that was available for test-drive conducted by the attendees of the tournaments who expressed their admiration to the vehicle's unique and dynamic design.

Meanwhile, tournaments' winners expressed their pleasure in enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of Hurghada city and its bright sun. They also pointed out that the city of El Gouna is similar in its beauty and coordination to the wonderful city of Vienna and they are promising to spend their next vacation in Hurghada while encouraging their friends to visit Hurghada and enjoy it and its beautiful climate.

The event was attended by a number of Egyptian artists, including the great star Hussein Fahmy, as well as a diverse audience of Egyptians and foreigners.

The event is considered one of the most important sporting events that contribute significantly to attracting tourism to Egypt and the Red Sea in particular.