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There is a certain mesmerizing aura that engulfs any driver in the streets of Cairo. It stems from the whimsical wind that hugs the trees and slowly make the reflecting lights dance on top of the Nile. A moment that only lasts for a couple of seconds but make you fall in love a little bit more with your ride and the smoothness of your BMW engine. But do not dwell on it for long, you can now enjoy this moment for longer in Dos Canas. Slide into Garden City, and up to Cairo Capital Club’s 19th floor for an overwhelming view with food warm enough for the coldest of souls out there.

Upon getting into Dos Canas, you will continue your moment of serenity with their meticulous atmosphere. The lights are just perfectly dimmed, the view of the Nile surrounding you from all around with toasty high wooden chairs and tables; and a playlist of ambient, downtemp and soul music that greets you with open arms. The polite waiter will show you to your table and asks you if you want a heater by your side on this cold night.

Dos Canas offers a quasi-international menu that puts together all the spices you need in your life from Spanish, Mexican and Indian food. Their menu is divided into lean plates of beef, poultry and seafood; with options of mostly potato based side dishes; and some simple with a little hint of sophistication dessert menu.

Their grilled steak was cooked to perfection, tinder on the inside with the lightest crisp on the outside, juicy but not chewy; it comes sided with the most interesting spicy dip of grounded green bell peppers and spices – felt like a guacamole but tasted like a spices heaven for any spicy food lover out there-. The dish was very well presented with a side lime and garnish over a big wooden plate. We paired it with their Crispy Potato tots that came as delectable as a tater tot could ever be, sided with the freshest sour cream dip in town. We also had the special tempura seafood platter that consisted of freshly fried white fish sticks, prawns and calamari paired with a spicy mayo dip, that elevated the taste of the fish. They were perfectly golden and crispy, but what really kicked off their taste was the green bell pepper sauce; which we experimented with for a little.

The highlight of the night was the Nasi Goreng rice platter, that had some dashing spices, fresh perfectly cut carrots, cucumber, zucchini and bell peppers; and topped with a splendid poached egg that was runny just enough. We also had the Coca Flatbread that was fresh out of the oven with the perfect combination of tastes for a simple yet sophisticated savouriness; all thanks to the pomegranate concentrate that was tangy but not bitter. The presentation is not pretentious but rather highlighting the food as the true star of the table.

All in all, Dos Canas managed to impress us from their atmosphere, location, flatbread all the way to their friendly and efficient service, It’s obvious that Dos Canas knows how to put you in a good mood, fall in love with Cairene nights and forgot all about your daily adulting troubles.