How Instagram has changed the Face of Fashion Worldwide?

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Since its release in 2010, Instagram and the fashion industry has an undeniable bond that can be perfectly summed up by 2 facts, First: when you check the most liked Instagram image during the last five years you will find that this image belongs to kenadll Jenner one of the top female models around the world.

Second: the dozens of fashion related hashtags that are launched everyday on this unique social media platform.

The influence of Instagram on fashion has gone beyond millions of likes to a certain image published by a mega star model like Victoria Secret’s model Kendall Jenner, it now opened the way for many talented fashion enthusiasts to show their designs or even there unique taste in styling through a free channel that has millions of followers who just want to see what’s new in this field, and it also changed Instagram into a place where sales are made and retailers discover new designers and models.

Instagram opened new business gates for mega stars models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner who have million-plus followers, as they are often get paid for their frequently shared content, and can charge companies up to $300,000 per post according to The Gurdian.

Here in Egypt, Instagram has the same huge effect on fashion, there became dozens of “fashionista-s” who publish hundreds of their images wearing clothes from different retailers and designers, as a marketing method for their products.

Some of these fashionestas are considered as inspiration for other women, as they show every aspect of haute couture and they direct their followers towards new trends both in the fashion world and in also in their social and professional lives, you might see one of them calling to join a charity cause or raising fund for some humanitarian reasons.

Being a fashionista opened also the gate for talented young ladies to penetrate the acting field in Egypt, remember Salma Abu Deif in “Halawet ElDonia” series? Or “Huda Elmofti” in “Haza ElMassa” series? Salma has 300 k plus followers, on instagram, besides being a fashionista she is a model, explorer, and actress. While Huda has more than 129 K followers, she is also a model and a talented actress.

Coco Chanel once said "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”. I guess nowadays and in the “Instagram” era we may twist the quote a little bit and say “Before you post your “Outfit of the day” Selfie on Instagram, look in the front camera and remove one accessory”!