The Story Behind “FollowMeTo” The Hashtag We Travel Through

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Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow, and whatever you do there, may change the whole plane that you previously drew to your life one day. The Russian photographer Murad Osmann is a proof that travelling can change your way of thinking and the way you live your life forever.

Murad Osmann is the owner of “Follow Me To” project, this idea, which has become a trend followed by many photographers around the world, and even a lot of ordinary people who take pictures of themselves with their partners using the Hashtag #FollowMeTo on social media platforms, especially on Instagram.

On #FollowMeTo hashtag you will find a lot of images in different places around the world, what they have in common is a girl with her back turned, never reveals her face to the camera.

Through which she takes us all on a journey across the globe to some of the most beautiful, exotic, and radiant environments accompanied with the confidence and support of her lover behind her.

The Russian photographer Murad Osmann talked about his creative idea, he said that this idea started in Barcelona in October 2011 during his first trip with his partner and lover Natalia Zakharova who later became his, wife; she wanted to see everything there, starting from Tibidabo Mountain and Barcelona's greatest building the Basilica Sagrada Familia to the Tapas pubs there.

Murad just kept on photographing everything in Barcelona, and once he wanted to shoot a picture of Nathalia, she got shy and turned her back spontaneously and grabbed his hand, and led him, at that moment he took his first shot with the “follow me to” style.

Together around the Globe

Murad explained that his project shows the beauty of the world, and shows also the different cultures in the world. The couple visited lots of countries like Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, the Maldives, Georgia, Britain, Italy, France, China, Taiwan, Mexico, the United States, Iceland, Spain, Australia, Jordan, and UAE; but they fell in love with India, Jordan, Brazil, SriLanka, and France.

The instagram star talked about the Arab countries saying that they have their own identity, they are countries with deep and bright cultures that he and his wife admire very much, he also described people there with one word “very hospitable”. About the couple’s favorite images among the “follow me to” series, Natalia prefers the picture of the swimming pool in Singapore;, where she was holding a yellow duck, another image they both love is from the Taj Mahal, and of course they both prefer their wedding picture with the “follow me to” style that looked like a poster out of a Disney movie!

A trip, then a shot that was taken by mistake, then a post on a personal instagram account with a creative hashtag, 3 things that made Murad Osmann an instagram star and a photographer who is followed by more than 4.9 million followers!

Just travel, who knows, maybe your destiny is keeping a surprise for you there, just change your usual destination and get ready for the unknown!